What a great SUP experience. Rich at PSNJ was awesome. My safety and comfort were paramount to him at all times, which enabled me to be able to focus more on the skills required, and less about the things going on around me. I had a one-on-one lesson on the Manasquan River. Rich provided everything I needed. The instruction was spot on and Rich’s focus on me did not waver from the moment we started the lesson on land, until the boards were out of the water. I was able to paddle and guide myself, and a short rest on the nearby island provided a well needed stretch and good history of the area from Rich. While I am not ready to tackle the ocean, I’ll look forward to more SUP experiences, thanks to Rich’s great instruction. - Brian, Orlando, FL

I am a flat water paddler from eastern PA and wanted to broaden my horizons, so I took an ocean paddling lesson from PSNJ. Several weeks before, I had paddled in Hawaii for a week at a camp with SUP pros, and Rich was as professional and knowledgeable as the best of them. My safety and comfort were paramount to him. He taught me how to “read” the ocean and efficiently negotiate the swells and use my paddle strokes to take full advantage of those swells. We also worked on entering and exiting the surf zone safely. The ocean near Point Pleasant is beautiful and we saw multiple schools of fish and stingrays beneath our boards, so my lesson had the extra advantage of a nature tour as well! Rich’s skill and enthusiasm were infectious and I plan to return to take a paddle surfing lesson and further my ocean paddling skills. - Wendy, Reading, PA

If you want to learn how to SUP - the first person you should call is Rich at Paddle Surf New Jersey. I have over five years experience with flat water paddling and I was still able to learn a number of tips and techniques from Rich to improve my skills. Rich is not only a great instructor, but thinks safety first. I look forward to taking future lessons with Rich in the surf zone - moving to the next level of SUP - Rob, Hillsborough, NJ

Paddleboarding was always something I have wanted to try and I am glad I did today! I am so happy I was able to have my first lesson with Paddle Surf New Jersey. Now I am hooked after a great day and location to start. Rich is a great, experienced instructor and is knowledgeable about how to have fun and also how to be safe! I am looking forward to going again and my next experience. I have definitely found a new favorite activity that I hope to involve my kids in as well. Great day! Thanks again - Heather, Milltown, NJ

Had my first SUP lesson today from Rich. I cannot thank him enough! After the 1st time I tried this amazing water sport that everyone apparently raves about, I thought maybe it wasn’t for me (fell about 5 times and sore). After my time with Rich I cannot wait to buy a board. He is a true professional. He took the time to size me for a board and paddle, taught me proper technique, educated me on the water (what to look for, how to handle wind and waves) and most importantly, let me go at my own pace. He is an amazing teacher and I recommend him for anyone who hasn’t tried it, but wants to. - Larry, Brielle, NJ

Paddled twice with PSNJ. So much fun and very informative! Rich is a great teacher and is committed to making sure your experience is awesome! - Zack, Point Pleasant, NJ

PSNJ is AMAZING! Rich is a fantastic instructor and very patient man. I had so much fun during my birthday lesson. Rich has years and years of experience. He lets you get comfortable, then helps you with your technique. I cannot wait to go back for another lesson. Bonus: It is a total body workout! - Ashley, Bensalem, PA

Having wanted to try SUP for some time, I scheduled a lesson with Paddle Surf New Jersey and headed out of the city to Point Pleasant. The one hour trip to the New Jersey shore area was so worth it! I had a fantastic time on the river with Rich who provided me with all the gear, safety information and the basics of paddleboarding. Before I knew it, I was standing on the board and navigating the Manasquan River. Rich made sure I was safe and comfortable and was quick to help me improve my technique which made it so enjoyable. A bonus was Rich’s in-depth knowledge of the river and the fact that he has been a surfer his whole life. Since I am a surfer as well, he suggested we do the next lesson in the ocean. I’m going! - Jane, NYC